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Wild & Scenic Idaho 2014 Calendar
There's more to this state than just its famous potatoes! The Salmon River rushes through an enormous area of wilderness that is home to elk, bighorn sheep, coyotes, and golden eagles. The invaluable Snake River leaves Yellowstone, heads south to irrigate vast potato fields, and then slithers back north to cut the legendary Hell’s Canyon. With rugged mountains, deep forests, beautiful lakes, and wild rivers, Idaho’s landscape is truly spectacular. Explore the wild and scenic terrain, the geological wonders, and the glorious skies of the Gem State with this 2014 Wild & Scenic Idaho wall calendar. Cover Photography by Ed Riche

Scenic Utah 2013 Calendar
2013 Utah Scenic Calendar Now in its 41st year, the annual award-winning Utah Scenic Calendar highlights many of Utah’s iconic destinations, outdoor activities, and events through its stunning photography and award-winning graphic design. A photo Bryce Canyon National Park, taken by accomplished photographer Ed Riche, was selected as the cover image. The previous edition was honored with 13 National and World Calendar Awards, including a Gold Award for Best Graphic Design.

Wild & Scenic Wyoming 2010 Calendar
Pristine, serene—beautiful—Wyoming. With its gorgeous blue skies, untamed land, soaring mountains, lovely spring wildflowers, and abundant wildlife, the Equality State remains a wild and scenic paradise. The state offers almost 100,000 square miles of some of the most striking vistas in the world. Explore wild & scenic Wyoming with this wall calendar. Photography by Ed Riche

Wild & Scenic Idaho 2009 Calendar

Photography by Ed Riche

Tuxedo Cats Calendar 2010

Cover Photo Cat Name "Fiona"
(Different Cats Were Photographed For Each Month)

These delightful cats in this wall calendar are always dressed to impress. Named for their obvious resemblance to the formal attire (mostly black body with white mitten paws and white chests), tuxedo cats are loving and affectionate, intelligent and playful.

Cover Photo by Ed Riche

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